In October 1987 Kris Guttzeit founded the business Windhoek Hire Sales & Services. He started with 2 air compressors, one Nissan Safari pickup and one general foreman called Johannes Oranje being in charge of delivering and maintaining the compressors, as well as the small tools like mixers and compactors.
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The first big job they landed, was the hiring of compressors to the Municipality of Windhoek for the demolition of the old hostel in Katutura. The compressors operated for three weeks, 24 hours per day. The income generated was reinvested in the business with the purchasing of a concrete mixer, a generator set and obviously more air compressors, the core product to the corporation. During this period the spouse of Kris, Brigitte, joined the business to take care of the business accounting.

During 1988 the corporation acquired two agencies, Transplant Namibia (Pty) Ltd and Form Scaff (Pty) Ltd. With Transplant Namibia, they expanded their business to mobile crane hire, transport, the moving of safes, and general rigging jobs. Form Scaff is a supplier of formwork and scaffolding equipment for hire or sale.

Transplant Namibia stopped operations during April 2002 after which Windhoek Hire Sales & Services took possession of the 4 mobile cranes and the safe and rigging functions.

Windhoek Hire Sales & Services together with its agencies grew from strength to strength. In the beginning of 1994 two new members joined the corporation, Sylvia and Günther, two of the five children of Kris and Brigitte. Sylvia took control of the accounting department and Günther was to support his father in the managing of the day to day operations of the corporation. The beginning of a family business.

Due to demand, more and more compressors were acquired and the addition of backhoe loaders increased the variety of plant hire equipment within the business. The hire of form and scaffolding for hire doubled over the years.

In September 1996, the ELB Earthmoving and Mining Equipment (Pty.) LTD agencies strengthened the capabilities of W.H.S.S with the selling of quality earthmoving and mining equipment.

Due to expansion and the addition of new agencies, especially on the sales side, the corporation decided to develop its property in Nickel Street, Prosperita, in order to create a professional and clean environment for its clients. Building commenced in August 1997 and was completed in March 1998. The new premises host a double storey office block, sales area, workshop with service and wash bays, a guard house plus a recreational area for staffOffices.

In November 1999, Jörg and in August 2002, Mark the remaining sons joined the business to take control of the workshop in order to maintain the equipment and machines of W.H.S.S.

In September 2001 W.H.S.S. added Multi-Tow Namibia to its range of products. Multi-Tow manufactures trailers with removable and addable containers and accessories
(visit the Multi-Tow page for more details). 

In November 2004 Windhoek Hire Sales & Services ts first branch in Swakopmund. focussing on the hiring of small tools like, compactors, generators, builders hoists, compressors, rammers, scaffolding, backhoe loaders, mobile cranes, etc.

In April 2005 WHSS acquired the VIPAC agency, selling double drum Pedestrian Roller and Rammers. Both products are manufactured in South Africa and guaranteed to last in African conditions.

In January 2010 -WHSS refrained from trading as agent for ELB Equipment, selling Earthmoving as well as Mining Equipment. It was decided to focus and expand our Plant Hire business.

Windhoek Hire Sales & Services together with its agencies currently employs 45 people. The big advantage of Windhoek Hire Sales & Services is the variety of services and products it has to offer. It is very convenient for e.g. a construction company to work with them because everything from Mobile Cranes, Trucks, Loaders, Tipper Trucks, Excavators, Air Compressors, Formwork/Scaffolding, Backhoe Loaders, 30KVA Generators Sets, Forklifts, etc. is For hire under one roof by a dedicated, hardworking and honest family.


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