Multipurpose trailers & accessories, a new way of removing/transporting rubble, waste, diesel, water, garden soil, manure, etc. It can even operate as a fire fighter trailer on farms or plots.

The easy multipurpose concept has been developed to make it possible for one person to operate. It can also be converted into a flatbed trailer.

The following models are available:

Multi-Tow MT1500


Single axle multi-tow with 1.5 m³ multi-skip container
Payload: 1.500 kg
GVM trailer with run over brakes


Double axle multi-tow with a 2 m³ multi-skip container
Payload: 2.000 kg
GVM trailer with run over brakes

Multi-Tow MT2000


Double axle multi-tow with a 3 m³ multi-skip container
Payload: 4.000 kg
GVM with run over and hand brake


Double axle multi-tow with 4 m³ multi-skip container
Payload: 6.000 kg

Multi-Tow MT2000 – tip position

GVM fitted with hydraulic points pulled by a tractor or truck

Available options

Diesel tank c/w hand pump & clock.
Fire fighter equipment
Water tank
Forklift attachment
Normal flat deck trailer
Skip container
Steel lids
Own colour scheme
Cable drum attachment

Multi-Tow MT2000 – loaded off position

Additional information

Download our Multi-Tow brochure as PDF file here. We have also prepared a short Multi-Tow video for you to download.